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Tying Your Lion Strap

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Professional Armwrestler Derek Smith teaches how to tie the Lion Strap properly with Etienne Waite.

Tying your Lion Strap is very simple and can be done professionally within a few steps. Feel free to follow along with yours or refer to this video anytime you need to.

How to Tie Your Lion Strap In Under 10 Steps Complete Image by Image Instructions

Step One: Position the strap between opponents thumbs with buckle resting on one side and the end of the strap going down the back side of the opposing hand.

Step Two: Pull the strap from the back of opponents hand through the middle of both of your forearms

Step Three: Wrap the strap around the opponents wrist that has the buckle first

Step Four: Pull the strap all the way around and wrap it around the other opponents wrist

Step Five: Once around both wrists Pull the strap through the middle making sure to go above the bottom strap line and under the top strap line

Step Six: Once through pull tightly and reduce the slack

Step Seven: Start to thread the strap through the buckle. Inside loop first

Step Eight: Now thread it through the outer loop

Step Nine: Pull down to tighten. To tighten more pull up then down to and repeat the process until it is to your liking

Completed Result

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