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Each Lion Strap is made and tested by hand to withstand maximal force while delivering ultimate comfort. 



The GOLD BELT Strap prioritizes tightness while maintaining comfort. It is 1.5" width (not the standard 1") but is 2" longer. This is specifically made for harcore dedicated armwrestlers who want to pull at any moments notice. Being a very comfortable belt to hold your jeans in style and being a strap at any moment that you can pull for hours on end with its extra width for less strain on nerves. Pull at anytime and for any length.


Our strap is made from Rock Climbing Grade Tubular Nylon. It rests on your hand flat yet there are no edges to dig into your hand. This allows you to have an amazingly tight strap without cutting into you. With Lion Straps you can train much longer maximizing your gains due to the added comfort


We take pride in being known by most Arm Wrestlers to have the best strap on the market. With your help we are able to constantly look for ways to improve them even more.

Gold Belt Strap

SKU: 0015
    • Length: 48"
    • Width: 1.5"
    • Thickness: 2mm
    • Angled tip for ease of use
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