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Texas Armwrestling League

Owner Billy Ortagus

Texas Armwrestling League is based in the Lone Star State and is committed to organizing and conducting Professional competitions in all areas across the state. TAL came to be in 2020 and is now into its second season in 2022. Our model splits Texas into 5 different Regions which are run by a Board Directors,Co-Directors and Coordinators. Every Region in Texas has at least one tournament held within its jurisdiction every year giving all of Texas an opportunity to compete close to home. TAL's first season saw cash payouts of over $16,000 which included an $8,000 Texas State Championships. We have over 20 classes of competition ranging from Kids/Youth to Men/Women Amateurs, Masters and Men/Women Open/Professionals categories.

Texas Armwrestling League's bottom line mission is to promote growth in the sport of Armwrestling in a professional manner not only in Texas but around the country and to promote,showcase and support the growth of our Texas based armwrestlers from the bottom to the top.

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